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Secriati presents a GLOBAL first in fashion and wearable technology innovation.


We are pleased to present you with Secriati’s Canvas product line; an ultra-cool and unique accessory that bridges the gap between fashion and function.


Secriati’s Canvas is the perfect addition for women’s and men’s scarves, men’s neckties (whether tied or untied) or your favorite shirt.


Secriati’s Canvas occupies a very visible and unobtrusive area of real-estate on your wardrobe – please review Our Products section of this website and watch our video to learn more!

Please watch our video!

Video production by www.SensiaMedia.nl

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Our products



Secriati's Canvas product line compliments men's and women's scarves, ties, and shirts. It can be worn over a tied neck-tie covering various knot styles including a half Windsor knot or used on an untied necktie as well; in our design, flexibility was paramount.

So why use it? - The product is suited for both individual fashion/social expression and corporate branding. It is also the perfect gift for someone who thought they had everything.

From a pure fashion perspective Secriati's Canvas is truly a platform for redefining personal expression since our website will soon enable you to place ANY personalized graphic, message, photo, logo, or combination thereof on the product. We will customize the final product and have it at your doorstep in a matter of days once we are at full capacity - imagine the possibilities!


It’s Unique – really!

Secriati has made a substantial investment in intellectual property; we have an active Trademark and our product line is PCT Patent pending (including our modularity and technology components). The product design variations are also Registered Designs so you know you are getting something truly original and unique!

The product range will be molded from quality/lightweight plastics and decorated using an advanced vacuum printing technique. We are able to render a durable/hi-quality finish even around complex shapes. The pieces are built with engineering precision to snap into place reliably and comfortably. The product line has a scratch resistant finish. It looks amazing!



All Secriati Canvas designs embed NFC (near-field communications) technology so a user with an NFC enabled smart phone is able to scan the product to: read identity/contact info that you wish to publicaly share, or launch an application/website based on what you have preprogrammed within. Depending on the partnerships we develop, the product will be able to execute tap n' go payment transactions as well. For larger volumes Secriati are able to preprogram your NFC technology so your product is ready to share on arrival! However with an abundance of downloadable user-friendly NFC read/write applications available you can also experiment yourself -changing the data as you wish. At Secriati we are all about choice.


Women's Line

Though ALL variations of the product work well in multiple use case scenarios we’ve developed a product line with specific flowing feminine lines.

You can choose from our range of designs and you will be able to upload any pattern or image of your choosing; including family photos, your favorite graphical print, or painting onto your Secriati Canvas.  Unique to the women's product line you can also print a different image or graphic on each side so you can flip the product and have a different look entirely.

Imagine the possibilities to enhance your outfit for any occasion!


Men’s and Women’s Line

Though you have endless possibilities to personalize your product we have chosen a number of images to compliment your wardrobe and stimulate your imagination. Below examples showcase: carbon fiber, wood, modern art, and technology. You can mix/match these across our product designs as you wish. You’ll have a lot of fun on our fully functional website to experiment with color combinations.

Your personal message/affiliation, or company logo can easily be added as an overlay for any design or background.


The Power of Modularity

At Secriati we are always looking toward the future so we developed a unique three-part design to support the inclusion of technology enabled modules in the future. Such modules support an array of functionality including applications, video capture/playback, audio capture/playback, email notifications, photo capture, and linkage to your Smartphone (and social media) via Bluetooth. Though we are still prototyping several options we are now offering our three-part design for enhanced fashion expression with NFC technology included.

We’ve even made a variant of the insert which is designed to simulate a large geometric gemstone; it looks amazing!

You can order a range of inserts to compliment your chosen base color; all totally customizable in the color/texture of your choice!


Ok so you’re a star! If you really want to stand out in a crowd let’s work together to create a totally Customized one-off piece using precious metals and stones based on our fixed designs. We have design partners available to scope your work and we can balance the costs based on material options.

The highly visible area that Secriati’s canvas occupies on your wardrobe will bring you and your personal brand unparalleled attention!

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Personal and Corporate Branding/Messaging

Secriati’s Canvas provides numerous branding opportunities for: companies, sport teams, universities, clubs, families, service groups and more. From a pure marketing perspective a company may opt to use the product at events or tradeshows to show consistency throughout their workforce. Who needs a business card when you can show your logo and even load your website address on Secriati’s Canvas using NFC technology!


Example Use Cases

- Branded for your sports team/event
- Custom prizes/awards for events and company accomplishments
- School/university/fraternity/sorority branding
- A uniquely personalized gift
- A family heirloom
- Wedding parties
- Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
- Community groups
- Club/service group membership
- A message for your cause
- A Showcase for political affiliation

We can ship you fixed batch sizes of the product OR via our website you may order any quantity you want; even one individual piece can be customized and shipped to your door.


Looking to the future

At Secriati we continue to investigate emerging technologies such as e-paper and flexible screens. We have a clear goal to constantly innovate and introduce new product options that blend fashion and technology while enabling new social experiences.

From a pure fashion sense we are also eager to launch some of our other designs in the near future!

Product In action

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Partnerships: At Secriati we strive to develop strong relationships and have established a rapidly expanding network of partners. We are focused on developing high value strategic partnerships around new technologies for our modular inserts, and distribution channels to the market. If you would like to speak with us regarding potential cooperation please e-mail us at: partner@secriati.com

For all other queries please email us at info@secritati.com or use the contact form on the right.

About us

Secriati is a company focused on bridging the gap between fashion and technology. Founded in 2011 Secriati has now introduced its Canvas product line which brings creative designs and innovation to the women’s and men’s accessory market. Based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands Secriati’s expatriate co-founders strive to create compelling designs, bring unparalleled flexibility to their customers, and introduce platforms which support new social experiences. Secriati’s Canvas product occupies a highly visible and yet unobtrusive area of real-estate on your wardrobe. Canvas works on men’s and women’s scarves, neckties, and shirts. The product is suited for individual fashion/social expression as well as corporate branding. For further product information regarding areas of technical exploration including flexible displays visit www.secriati.com.